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Did you know that according to Forbes "79 million people are going to start a home-based business within the next 5 years?"

So many people are looking for a way to make an income online, and I'm guessing that since you've made it to this page, you are too.


~ living in your dream house with a self-sustaining food forest, or owning your dream van and traveling the world;

~ being able to spend your days as you please, enjoying quality time with your family;

~ traveling whenever you feel like it, and making money while doing it;

~ working with purpose, and passion + knowing you are contributing to radical transformation in your life as well as countless others'.

For your situation to change, you must be open, willing, and dedicated to making the change.

We are doing everything we have been taught in order to get ahead in life or to be "successful", but we are working hard with little return, we are exhausted, we have no money for the things we want to be doing, and we have no time to be living the life we want.

There is a solution ~

If you're passionate about health, the wellness of our planet, about helping others expand, if you're ready for CHANGE in your life...

this opportunity may be for you...


More and more people are looking for ways to work online. Something that will offer them time freedom, location freedom, and financial freedom. This is why Enagic is the perfect opportunity. You have the ability to work online spreading the message of true health, wealth, and happiness all across the globe. Enagic is a company that wants to see its distributors succeed. They pay out 54% commission to their distributors and they mail out checks daily.

By distributing for Enagic, you are able to share the message of health, sustainability, and abundance with the world. 

Why I Love this opportunity:


1. the potential for time, location, and financial freedom;

2. working with a company that actually cares about the health of the Earth & the health of the people;

3. no deranking, monthly subscriptions, quotas, or inventory required;

4. the only requirement to distribute is owning a machine and experiencing the benefits of the water for yourself;

5. sharing a message of true health + sustainability with the world!

Watch the video below for all the details on how you get paid.


Work in a field that heals the planet and the people.
You can earn income online and make an impact by promoting products that you love, and that are healthy + sustainable.

High vs. Low         Ticket

Goal: $10,000/month
High ticket: $1,000/sale, you only need 10 sales.
Low ticket: $25/sale, you need 400 sales.

Leveraging Social            Media

How you can use the internet to attract individuals who resonate with taking control of their health and wealth.
I will teach you how to use your social media to its highest potential.

Mentorship +       support

Gain access to a community of over 3,500 health conscious entrepreneurs.
Have me as your mentor to inspire, encourage, and guide you on how to achieve success.

The only requirement to become a distributor is to own a Kangen machine, and personally experience true health, sustainability, and nontoxic living.

Imagine a global online business that allows you to spread the message of optimal health and lifestyle design to anyone, while working from wifi whenever you see fit.

With Enagic, it is entirely possible.


The training platform + community I've created along with my 1:1 support will teach you everything you need to know to launch a thriving Kangen Water business. My intention in creating this training platform is to support, guide, inspire, and educate Enagic Distributors that become affiliated with Enagic via me!



~ starting an online business focused on health, wellness, and environmental sustainability

~ attracting like-minded individuals who want to share your vision

~ having the flexibility to spend your days as you desire, make a difference in the world, and help others to do the same


Personal Mentorship

I teach people how to up-level their life & take responsibility for the path they're on so that they can start living by design rather than by default, all while creating a positive ripple effect on the world.

Not only am I passionate about sharing this business, but I am passionate about sharing self-development tools, and inspiring you to take radical action in your personal development and healing journey.

With me as your personal mentor, I will guide you how to up-level your health, and not just physically but mentally / emotionally, and spiritually. It is my joy and passion to help others find their light, reawaken to the truth of who they are, embrace their unique authenticity, and dive deep into the self-healing journey.

I pour so much dedication and Love into this business and personal mentorship, and I am creating a team of passionate, driven, and enthusiastic leaders. I only like to work with people who are serious about this journey and this business.

I do this through 1:1 calls, zoom trainings, 3 private Facebook groups with heaps of additional resources, and with an entire community of like-minded entrepreneurs you'll never feel alone!

I know how intimidating entrepreneurship can be in the beginning. It's hard to do it when none of your friends or family work online or have the same desire to work remotely. But having a community of like-minded people all working towards the same goal really helps. 

Schedule a free call with me and let's get you on the road to radical transformation, click this link and answer a few short questions ~

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