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Kangen vs. Competition

Updated: Aug 10, 2021

Kangen Water Ionizers are considered the "Gold Standard" of the industry. You are absolutely getting the high quality, top-of-the-line machine that you are paying for.

Some competitors make some pretty big claims about their products being "better" or "just as good for half the price" than Kangen Water Ionizers. They all compare themselves to Kangen Water machines and yet non of them produced the quality of water that Enagic's Kangen Water Ionizers produce.

There have been numerous tests on the water ionizer machines sold by Jupiter, Life Ionizer, Bawell, Venus, Aqua, and Tyent - they are all manufactured by only two or three companies and sold under different names.

Enagic Sets the Standard

When comparing Enagic's Kangen Water Ionizer pricing to the lower priced competitors, it is important to consider these three important factors:

~ISO certifications

~OEM (everything is built and assembled by Enagic)

~Only high quality parts

Enagic's Certifications

Enagic is the ONLY water filtration and alkaline-ionizer distribution company that has multiple ISO awards for quality control and environmental management.

Enagic is certified to; ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and ISO 13485 for quality control and environmental management, the Water Quality Association Gold Seal for product certification, and a member in good standing of the prestigious Direct Selling Association.

Enagic is the ONLY device of it's kind sold in the US that has all three of these ISO certifications, and are approved Medical Devices by the Japanese Ministry of Labour and Welfare.

Click here to learn more about Enagic's impressive certifications.

OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer)

Enagic is the only water filtration and alkaline-ionizer distribution company in the world with it's own OEM manufacturing facility in Japan and ISO certified for quality control processes.

Kangen Water Ionizer machines are assembled from start to finish by only one technician, ensuring the highest quality control available.

Enagic does not outsource any parts of it's manufacturing process. This way Enagic can keep complete control and ensure that the highest quality standards are enforced.

The Costs of Titanium and Platinum

The medical-grade platinum used in Enagic's water ionizer machines costs $2,000 per ounce, and the titanium costs $500 per pound.

The Enagic water ionizer machines contain at least 4 times the amount of titanium and platinum for the electrically charged metal plates than any of the machines claiming to be equivalent. This means the material costs to manufacture the Enagic Kangen Water ionizer machines is 4 times higher just in regards to the titanium and platinum alone, not factoring in any additional components.

Based on the difference in material costs, you would expect the Enagic machines to cost nearly 4 times more than the competitors who are using less titanium, less platinum, mesh plates, or lower grade metals - yet, Kangen Water ionizers are not 4 times the cost of their competitors. This would actually indicate that the competitors are utilizing a higher markup strategy on their machines than Enagic does. Suggesting that because the competitors are using such inferior materials, their machines should actually cost less than they do.

Electrolysis Chamber and Machine Components

The Electrolysis Plates:

Electrically altered, ionized water is produced when water passes over electrically charged metal plates. The higher the electric voltage a plate can sustain and the longer period of time water stays in contact with this voltage, the more complete the ionization process.

The size and type of plate is an incredibly important aspect of the water ionizer machine, and one of the main differences in price and performance between Enagic's machines and their competitors.

Titanium Plates and Medical-Grade Platinum:

Kangen Water ionizers use high grade titanium plates that are hand-dipped into medical-grade platinum, and are able to withstand strong electric currents over long periods of time. Enagic received the WQA Gold Seal Award for this innovation.

Enagic uses 99.9% pure titanium because it is a dense metal and a great conductor of electricity. 99.99% pure titanium is the highest grade titanium available and is also the most expensive. Medical-grade platinum is then applied on top of the titanium to make it even more durable, to stop the titanium from breaking down in water during the electrolysis process, and to transfer a ton of energy into the water.

This means Enagic's electrolysis process in the Kangen Water ionizer machines will be more efficient, mineral build-up will be less problematic, and long-term reliability will be maximized.

Let's Look at the Competition

Regarding the metal plates used in the electrolysis process, many competitors are able to offer lower pricing because of these three factors:

~They use fewer numbers of metal plates

~They use smaller size metal plates

~They use lower quality components such as lower grade metals, or mesh plates rather than solid plates.

Many competitors often use inferior titanium plates, or titanium mesh plates, and some other manufacturers use stainless steel or white gold because it's less expensive. Lower priced electrolysis units may use titanium that has been alloyed with cheaper material metals such as aluminum and copper - minerals that have been associated with mental disorders and degenerative diseases. The attraction of this is that they are 1/10 of the price of titanium. Many competitor water ionizer brands purchase private label rights from manufacturers that use cheap wire mesh plates which burn out easily and leak toxic metals into the drinking water after some time. This is a serious health risk to any individual drinking water from these low-grade water ionizers.

When competitors use lower quality, cheaper, and less durable metals, the metals they used will degrade and break down more quickly. This shortens the life expectancy of the machine to 3-7 years. Additionally, those degrading metals can also be leeching into the water these machines produce. Most of us know how vital it is to cleanse heavy metals OUT of our body, so it is very concerning that these machines can actually be putting metals into our bodies.

Surface Area of the Plates

The bigger the plates used in the electrolysis process, the more power you can apply to the plates, the better the separation of the water - thus the better quality of ionized water. With the larger sizes plates used in Enagic's electrolysis process, you are guaranteed better performance.

Enagic's K8 measures 90 square cm per plate and there are eight plates in the K8. The competitor plates measure on average 53 square cm per plate. Enagic's smallest machine, the LeveLuk R has only three plates, and still has more surface area than the standard 5 plate machine by competitors.

The Electrolysis Chamber

When it comes to the electrolysis chambers of the competitors water ionizer machines, they also tend to be smaller in capacity and output. The capacity of the electrolysis chamber in Enagic's LeveLuk R - which is the lowest priced "starter" model and has the smallest electrolysis chamber on any of Enagic's machines, is larger than the chamber of most competitors machines.

Enagic's Patented Automated Self-Cleaning System

All electrolysis plates will build up with mineral scale - this is the nature of electrolysis. Minerals found in water supply such as calcium and magnesium can cluster and stick to the electrode plates.

With Kangen Water ionizers' automatic cleaning system, these mineral deposits can be broken off the electrode plates easily, simply by reversing the electric current. This automatic cleaning cycle is triggered whenever electrolysis of the water runs continuously for 15 minutes, and also every time Strong Kangen/Strong Acidic waters are produced.

Enagic's Two Manual Cleaning Options

Using Beauty Water: Changing the setting to "beauty water" once a day for 30-60 seconds is another way Enagic recommends to clean the electrolysis chamber and the plates.

Using Citric Acid: Monthly E-cleaning performed manually using the cleaning cartridge composed of citric acid which is provided by Enagic when you receive your machine can also help remove scale build-up and keep the life expectancy lasting longer. Enagic has received environmental awards for utilizing this cleaning method in it's machines.

Lifespan of the Machine

Enagic's electrolysis unit is designed to last. It is bolted together and has a 15 year lifespan.